Friday, October 23, 2009


Hey, guys. Remember how I have a blog? Well, it seems to have slipped my mind recently. I thought I'd just quickly give a short potty update to get myself back in the groove.

Nola is going to turn one in November! I started elimination communication with her around seven months old, I think. One of her greatest achievements so far has been her weekend at Grandma's where she pooped in the potty every time all weekend! I was so happy and amazed. Pee is still a challenge, but she still goes quite often. We missed a big poop today, but didn't let it get us down! :) It's getting easier as she is getting bigger and more coordinated. She stands more steadily on her own making it easier for me to pull her pants up and down. And she can reach up and flush after she goes. Pretty cute.

I'm still very glad I did this process with her, and feel very hopeful she will be completely potty trained by 18 months. Fingers crossed.

A big shout out to gdiapers! They have been the perfect tool for this stage of potty training.