Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I often get overwhelmed with love for Nola. The latest time was when we took her trick-or-treating. We dressed her up as Boo, the little girl from the movie Monsters, Inc. Everyone thought she was so adorable. She had so much fun. By the third house she had figured out how to take the candy from the bucket, and then put it in her treat bag. When we got home she sat on the floor in the living room for a long time just taking her candy out of the bag and then putting it back in. I sat on the couch and watched her, and was ready to burst into tears of love and happiness.

And then I think of God. "If we love giving gifts to our much more the Heavenly Father." And I think of how He loves me. And wants the best for me. He is overwhelmed with love for me. While I was sitting in the living room adoring Nola, He was on the other end of the couch adoring me. And, again, I'm ready to burst into tears of love and happiness.