Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Training

 The King and I have been planning to adopt our third child through the foster care system. We haven't been waiting long, honestly. But remember how I wanted a due date so badly? Well, now we've got one. November 27, 2013 baby number three will join the family, biologically.

Without getting too personal, (who am I kidding? Of course, I'm going to get too personal) I'll just say that we still feel we have children who will join our family through adoption. Or, The King might say, a child will join us through adoption. We're still silently fighting that one out. We decided that if I wanted to be pregnant once more in my life, we should try to make that happen while I'm 31 instead of five years down the road when I'm 36. We've put ourselves on hold with our agency, which means we no longer receive calls for available children looking for placement. Our foster care license is still active, and we plan to renew it. But other than that, we're not quite sure what the future will bring, aside from the newborn baby at Thanksgiving. We're taking one day at a time, one kid at a time, and see what happens.

The girls are super excited. It is fun to be able to tell them when the baby is coming, and tell them how big the baby is in my tummy. They both, especially Squeeze, love to talk to the baby. She also randomly announces to the world, "We gonna have a baby!" Squiggle went with me to see the midwife and heard the baby's heart beat. She said it sounded like a giraffe eating leaves. Which, crazily enough, it kind of does.

I feel extremely blessed right now. Blessed to have two awesome girls. Blessed to be pregnant. Blessed to have The King making life decisions with me. We're in a happy season, and I'm soaking it up.