Wednesday, January 13, 2010

14 Month Update

It's way past time for an update, people! I tend to only want to update when I'm on the heels of a new great achievement on Nola's part. Hence, I did NOT want to write an update a couple weekends ago when Nola spent two whole days peeing her pants. I should've updated the weekend before Christmas. We went to Missouri to visit my family and she had her first dry day! She has had some ups and downs since then. Some really good days, and some really bad days.

Nola is now 14 months old. She has been wearing underwear since the middle of December. She has had a lot of "accidents". (We like to call them "misses".) But I just felt we should keep going forward. I think it's paying off. She has spent the last two days with only one miss. It was a poopy one, and she actually finished it up on the potty.

The greatest excitement has been that she now says the word, "potty". She says it very pronounced "Paaaaaaw-TEE!" The first day she said it, we had five successful pees completely initiated and followed through by her. Naturally, it felt like a fluke because she hasn't said it much since then. But every once in a while she will. At this stage we take her every time she says the word. That won't last forever. So far, she hasn't figured out how to abuse this power to get out of things. :)

So there it is! My big girl is doing so well. And I still think I will do this again with the next baby...