Baby Pottying

EC stands for elimination communication. Rather than relying on diapers to handle all my babies toilet needs, I help them use an actual toilet. I started doing this with Squiggle at 8 months, and with Squeeze at 2 weeks. It is different than potty training. I take my babies potty at predictable times, and their bodies learn to wait for those times to go pee and poop. Other moms swear they can read their babies' signals and take them when they need to go (that's where the communication of the elimination comes in). I never figured that out, but my babies did well with frequent trips at predictable times. Most people think it's crazy, and most pediatricians will tell you that children under the age of 18 months are unable to control the muscles that release pee and poop. I know it really seems that way, but evidently they can. They can't hold it for hours, of course! And your 3 month old won't look at you and say, "Poop, please." But, believe it or not, with regular attention your tiny baby can learn to use the toilet.

You can find my posts about baby pottying under the tag "elimination communication". You can enter that in the search bar at the top right of the blog, and see all the posts with that tag. All the posts will show up in the column on the left side of the blog. Give it a go with your baby. You might be delightfully surprised!

Squiggle around 7 months old.

Squeeze around 6 months old.

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