Monday, July 15, 2013

Number Three's Big Ultrasound

We found out this week, at our 20 week ultrasound, that baby number three is a boy! I feel so happy that I almost feel guilty. As if somewhere the girl-that-might-have-been is crying tears of rejection in response to my happiness.

When the ultrasound tech found the gender for us, I cried. I was just so happy. I wanted it to be a boy, but it just seemed too good to be true. The King and I both went in pretty much expecting it to be a girl. I mean, that's what we do. We parent girls.

We had a newbie for the first part of the ultrasound. She was great, and I don't mind student techs or doctors, but I was really hoping for an experienced tech to find the gender. We lucked out. For the last few minutes, an experienced tech came in to finish up. She found the gender, not once, but twice. And in getting shots of other anatomy, she said a couple of times, "Oh! There he is again. He's not a shy little guy." Here's a tip, pregnant ladies. I ate an oreo and a pack of fruit snacks in the waiting room just before going in so that the baby would be active. It worked. He moved around like crazy the whole time.

Oh, yeah. The ultrasound also showed that the little guy is very healthy. No red flags appeared. In our excitement we kind of forgot that this is an actual medical test, not just a chance to find out what gender your baby is.

Both girls were excited to find out the gender. Squiggle was happy because she wanted a brother, and Squeeze was happy just to know. After the hullabaloo of telling everyone, and making a little video to tell our friends online, Squeeze said to me, "Can we open it?" I didn't know what she meant until she patted my tummy and said, "The baby. Can we open it now?" I told her we couldn't open the baby until Thanksgiving. She then promptly asked if she could go back to bed.

We watched the video of the ultrasound, which I realize is not fun for anyone except mothers and grandmas. Squiggle said, in her most grown up voice "My baby brother is so adorable." A few minutes later she followed up with, "Whoa. This is kind of creepy." I feel 'ya, sister. Most of the time, babies on ultrasound look like ghosts and aliens.

Squiggle also said recently, "We have to get our baby some trucks...and some warrior guys." As we passed the toy aisle in Target, she saw some typical boy stuff and said, "Mom, when the baby comes out...when we're coming home from the hospital...we'll have to stop and get him some of those toys."

We're so excited to meet our little alien!