Sunday, April 26, 2009

What makes sisterhood so wonderful? I was just perusing my oldest sister's blog. I was listed on her blog roll as "my sister, Charity". I felt so proud to be her sister. Aside from my husband, and also my mother, my sisters are my favorite people. Hands down. If someone told me I was going to be trapped on a desert island forever and could only take two people...I'd have mom and Ryan in one hand and Felic and Seren in the other...and there would be serious debate going on in my head.

My sisters have been with me my whole life. (I'm the baby of the family.) When I was five my mom was really sick, and I remember one night Felicity tucked me in and gave me a kiss on the cheek. She became my idol forever. During one very difficult transition from little girl to teenager, Serenity held me while I cried because I didn't want to wear that stupid new undergarment! Idol. Forever.

Maybe it's not the same for everyone. I mean, my sisters are extremely cool. But it's so nice to have someone you're stuck to. Your relationship is forever defined. No matter how you change, or what opinions you make, or what church you go to, or what stupid stuff you do, or what amazing stuff you will always be sisters. That can't change. It's the identity factor.

Here's to sisters!


  1. You know the only thing better than sisters?

  2. I love the years you lived with Michael and me. I'll always be grateful that I had that with you. If I'd had more time, I think I could have eventually edged out Lic. :)

    Sisters are the best. At least, mine are.

  3. Cheers! (Is that right? Is that what you say at the end of a toast? I can never remember.)

  4. I agree - sisters are the best. I have one, and she's completely amazing. Great post!

  5. Happy Birthday. I can't believe you are the age you are. You will forever be a sweet, cute teenager to me.

    And you do have some amazing sisters!! And Mom.