Monday, January 17, 2011


I love my girls. LOVE them.

But lately I've been a little stressed with the 24/7 of motherhood. Nola and Violet are just always HERE. They don't go away. On Ry and I's last night out, Baby V wouldn't take a bottle. I fear I may be attached to her every three hours for the next ten months.

Thank the Lord for bedtime! How smart of Him to create kids with a need for more sleep than adults. I'm so thankful for the two to three hours I get to spend with Ryan after the girls are in bed. It's just what I need to be ready for tomorrow.

To bedtime!


  1. Oh, yeah! I hear ya loud and clear on this one! SO thankful for those few hours with Jeremy that I usually stretch them to 4 or 5, staying up way too late. Sigh. :) But doing it occasionally isn't bad, and I always think it's worth it!

  2. Remember how we used to tell you that we didn't want to even know we had children after 9:00pm? That worked all the way through high school, I think. Don't let teenagers fool you. They actually need as much sleep as toddlers. If you can even remotely imagine these two adorable girls as teenagers!