Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Mundane Monday Madness!

It was not a banner day. While I nursed Violet it was very, very quiet upstairs where I'd left Nola. Once discovered, Nola said, "I sorry, Mommy" for the first time in her life unprompted. She knew it needed said and she said it. She said it about ten times in a very low toned, sorrowful voice.

Does anyone know how to get red lipstick out of carpet?


  1. Oh no! Maybe dish soap, since it's made to cut grease?

  2. You can try the brown paper bag and iron trick. I know it works on crayon...

  3. I know baby oil gets Sharpie ink off of toddlers, and fingernail polish remover gets the polish off of the toilet seat lid, and Shout is impressive for many clothing mishaps. Lipstick and carpet...I got nothin'. Look to Google!

  4. Oooooo. I feel your pain on that one.

    Yeah. Definitely google it.