Thursday, September 29, 2011

How's the Potty Queen?

It's time for an update on Violet's toilet habits! I can see her sixteen year old face now as she stumbles upon this blog in the future and discovers how often I wrote about her poop.

Violet is ten months old *sniff* *sniff* and has been using the potty since she was about two weeks old. Not exclusively, mind you, but quite often. She is getting bigger now so she is no longer peeing every ten minutes. She occasionally goes an entire morning keeping her diaper dry and getting her pee in the potty. She had been doing really well about pooping exclusively in the potty until we left her for a long weekend and the upset in routine threw her off. She's been sneaking the occasional duece into her diaper just before I get to her after nap or in the morning. But she still uses the potty to poop quite often so I'm not stressing about it.

I am super excited about BumGenius' new potty training pants! They will be available just after her first birthday. And the girl print is super cute! (Yes, Ryan, that's really why I want them.) That should be perfect timing to get really serious about taking her often enough that the goal is to stay dry all day. Nola was staying dry most days at seventeen months, and so far Violet has been a little bit ahead of her in the pottying game.

In other Violet news, she is army crawling with the best of them, gives the cutest little kisses out the side of her tiny little mouth, and points at anything interesting. She is still the happiest little thing, a little shy sometimes but in general she likes people. I'm still breast feeding, but otherwise she's eating real people food. No more jars. She does amazing with her two tiny bottom teeth. I feel so lucky to have her in my life.

P.S. BumGenius did not perk me for this endorsement. :) I just love them and am fairly confident their new product will be awesome. And, it's a super cute print. The prints get me every time.


  1. When sweet Violet pointed at me in the parking lot, I melted. She is pure delight, isn't she? And, yes, your daughters are going to freak over knowing their bowels habits went global.But, I'm so proud of you for doing this for them.

  2. I am sniff, sniffing over Maureen's birthday, too (and will probably post about it -- ha). Two weeks!
    I still think she and Violet would be great friends. :)

  3. Of course! Maureen and Violet are surely kindred spirits. We are. :)