Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Elimination Communication With My 14 Month Old

Violet wore her Gerber training pants one day last week and kept them dry the entire day! She wore a diaper for nap. The girls had a hard time settling down at nap time so I went in a half hour after laying them down and changed Violet's diaper before laying the smack down. But when she woke up from nap her diaper was dry! I am feeling quite proud. As long as I stay relaxed and don't expect too much from her nobody gets stressed out. The Gerber training pants didn't hold much pee the first few times she wore them, but after being washed quite a few times they are doing well at preventing pee from getting all the way down her legs and to the carpet when she has a little miss.

She still doesn't tell us she needs to go. So far she does well with the potty being offered frequently. I totally understand the people who say, "She's not potty trained, you're potty trained!" I agree. I like to add the word "independently" to the phrase potty trained. Violet is not independently potty trained. But she does know how to use the toilet. To me that is worth the effort. This may be reaching, but go with me and think of it this way...we don't refuse to feed our children until they can figure out how to use a fork and spoon all by themselves and are able to clearly say the words, "Mom, I'm hungry." Babies and toddlers are capable of a lot more than we give them credit for. Some things are just annoying to let them do themselves. One of the things I hang onto is Violet feeding herself her oatmeal in the morning. She probably could be learning that skill, but I don't want to deal with the mess so I always do it for her.

Back to pottying...One funny thing is that Violet keeps her pants dry better when we are out running errands than when we are at home all day. Somehow she holds it between errands, up to an hour or more, knowing I'll take her at the next stop. At home those times aren't as defined, I guess. So she wets her diaper a lot more at home.

So if you're an EC mama looking down the road ahead, I'll tell you that the Gerber Training pants in 18 month size (usually this size is only online) are working fairly well when I'm in the mood to let her wear panties. They fit her well and after a few washings they are absorbing enough to keep mess off the floor. (Violet is 14 months and just under 20 pounds). Soon I'd like to get a few of these for going out because they're waterproof. They're actually swim diapers, but they're padded just enough to hold one missed pee and they come in a very small size for Violet's tiny buns. And they are quite a bit cheaper than waterproof training pants.

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  1. We didn't do EC, but we did teach are one-year-olds how to use the potty long before we expected them to use it. I think this is why my second son "potty trained" himself a little before turning two (and he wanted to be like big brother). He is a tiny person, and even at two-years-old was too small for the Gerber training pants (although I never found the 18 month size). We loved the Potty Scotty/Potty Patty cotton training pants though. They come in smaller sizes than Gerber and are more absorbent. We used a nylon (NOT vinyl) pull-on diaper cover, like the Bummis Whisper Pants pull-on diaper cover, over his absorbent underwear when we went places and for nap times. This was an effective and economical method for our little man who was too small for most training pants.

    1. Oops, I meant to write that we taught "our" one-year-olds ....

    2. Oooo! I forgot about those Bummis pull-ons!

  2. I could...share the love for your new blog design! And I have great love for this truth: They're capable of more than we are willing to mess with. So true.

  3. I'll just ditto everything Serenity said. :)