Monday, November 15, 2010

13 Days Left

If this baby comes on it's due date, I only have 13 days left of pregnancy. Ahhhhhh. That sounds doable.

I have to admit, I'm not the best pregnant lady on the planet. I do love feeling the baby move inside me. I enjoy, maybe, the two months right in the middle. But I am most DEFINITELY not the type who just loves every second of pregnancy. Is it an urban myth that there are those who do? But, at the same time, I hate it when I hear women complain and whine the whole time they're pregnant. Before I was ever ready for children, but wanted them so badly, I didn't like to hear a pregnant lady complain. realize you're going to get a KID out of this right? As in, a little person who will love you more than anyone else on earth?

So I try to hold my tongue. And anytime I feel like whining, I think of Nolie. And how I barely remember being pregnant with her. And how it would be worth more than nine months of pregnancy to get the precious two years I've had with her. And I dream of how much fun it's going to be to meet this new baby. And figure out their personality. And learn their little quirks. And hold them in my arms...instead of in my STOMACH!

*Big Sigh* 13 days is nothing, right? Baby, please come by your due date. I promise it's awesome out here!


  1. If this baby knew how cool you guys are, he/she would be outta there right now!

  2. Ahh...the longest month of pregnancy! Where comfort is a distant memory and nothing (eating, sleeping, getting in and out of a vehicle, tying your shoes) comes easily. I don’t miss that. Pregnancy and I did not get along the greatest, so it surprises me when I consider the things I do miss. Like feeling the baby move. Wondering who they will resemble - in looks and personality. Preparing kids to be a big brother or sister. And of course meeting the little person you mentioned who will love you more than anyone else on earth. You are right. More than worth it.