Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday's Mundane Memories

Great day here. Aside from the crazy wind. Got the girls out the door by nine o'clock to get some groceries. Stopped by Scooters and saw Ryan, who was discussing business over coffee with his dad. Even after seeing him, Nola still really wanted to go to Daddy's office. We stopped at home to unload groceries and feed Violet. Then we went up to see Daddy, Papa, and Grandma. Nola saw the office building as soon as we started down the hill towards it. "Daddy's office!!!!" she yelled from the back. After we got upstairs we chatted for a while. Showed everyone the new stroller. It rocks. As we were leaving the office suite Nola said, "Let's go ride the alligator." Elevator.

Violet fell asleep on the way home. She stayed asleep after I moved her to her bed and has now been asleep for three hours! That's rare for her, but we had a very busy weekend so it's understandable.

Nola and I ate some noodles and goldfish before she went down for her nap. While we ate I said to her, "Did you have a fun day today?" She said Mhhhm. I said, in a tone of beginning a series of statements, "We went out and got some groceries..." She finished using the same tone of voice, "Go to Daddy's office....watched some tv...." So adorable.

Thinking about the zoo sometime this week. It's supposed to be very nice, and I want to give my new stroller a work out!

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  1. I love this picture.It looks like sweet Violet is trying hard to be one of the girls! And, I loved the description of your day. You write it so well that I can picture all the places you went and imagine I'm there, too.