Thursday, April 7, 2011


So we started Nola on some vitamins. She's kind of hit a stage of pickier eating, and she's just so tiny, and I've heard a good dose of B12 never hurt anybody. So I went to Whole Foods and got her some yummy gummy ones without any food dyes or crazy weird stuff. They look and taste like candy. One whiff of the open canister sends you straight to heaven. When Ryan opened them up the first time he said, "Mmmmm. Smells like Jesus."

Well, she got one that afternoon or something. And the next morning, before the Lord, she woke up a different girl. So much energy, so happy, so active, so interested in everything. It was like night and day. I wouldn't have thought there was anything wrong with her before. She's just a quiet, calm kind of girl. But now she's friendlier, more outgoing. It was practically a personality switch. I wasn't expecting this. I thought it would help her out a little. I didn't think it would turn her into SUPER NOLA!

It reminds me of the time we had her on iron because she had tested borderline anemic at her one year check up. All the sudden she seemed hyper. She wasn't the same, mellow, laid back baby. We had been so proud of her mellow yellow qualities until we realized it was because she was ANEMIC!

I am thankful it worked so well for her. So. So. Well. There are days when I hand her the vitamin and Ry looks at me, shakes his head, and mouths, "No! Don't give it to her!" And we laugh.

We're keeping 'em healthy here at the Long house.


  1. I definitely need some of that.

  2. Seren: you probably do!!!

    I used to get B12 shots when you guys were little. (sort of the reverse, huh?)

    This is way cool. And hilarious.

  3. I have heard of those B12 shots, and that they are total pick-me-ups, so I believe every word of this! Funny.

  4. Hey Char,
    How much do those vitamins cost? I looked at Wal-Mart and couldn't find them, and we don't have a Whole Foods anywhere nearby. I was thinking I might have you pick me up some if they're not too pricey. Let me know. Thanks!