Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mundane Mondays Catchup

I missed a few weeks of Mundane Mondays! I'm bummed because I recently read through a couple of those and was so glad I had written them. Not for you, sorry. It's a self indulgent post, really. Someday I will be so happy to read over those mundane little details. And I think the girls will like reading them in the future as well. I'm going to try and include details of technology we use that they will find archaic. And I'm sure the way I mother will be funny to them, as well. You did what?! I once read a little booklet that my husband's grandmother received when his dad was born. It was crazy some of the things they say to do or not to do.

So here's a highlight of our past few Mondays...

The Monday before Easter we were at my mom and dad's to spend a week with them. We drove down after church the day before. The night we got to their house, Nola walked in and pointed at all the elk statues and then the elephant statues. Then she paused, looked at my mom and said, "Where's your baby camel?" So Grandma and Grandpa immediately jumped in the truck and took her to see the camels and the zebras.

The Monday after Easter we drove home. Stopped at Chik-Fil-A in St. Joe for some delicious waffle fries and sweet tea. (That's what I go for, anyway.) Nola liked playing in the kid's area where they have a race car way up high you can crawl into.

The most recent Monday was just four days ago, and I can't seem to remember it for the life of me. Ryan and I spent the weekend in Mankato, MN spending some time with the worship team that some friends of ours lead. Violet went with us, and Nola spent the weekend with Ry's parents. We were all pretty wiped out on Monday. Hence the blockage of memories.

So, there. That's better than nothing! I love having these memories written down. Mundane matters.


  1. I love reading your mundane details. It makes me feel like I kind of live next door or something.

  2. I so feel you here. I have a journal entry when John was a baby where I write down how he sits by me in the baby carrier while I type, etc., etc. I usually journal big thoughts and my dreams and how I feel about life. But around then it hit me how much I'd enjoy reading the physical details someday. They seem mundane now, but someday they'll be such treasure.