Tuesday, May 10, 2011

How'd that work out for 'ya?

Nola is 30 months old. What? Nola is 2 1/2. That's better. Once I get past 18 months, I'm lost. Since Nola has recently come to a new level of independence with her potty needs (She is officially diaper free. Nights, nap times, everything.) I thought I should share how I feel about elimination communication after the fact.

I wish I'd never done it.

HAHAHAHA! Just kidding. Read on for the truth. :)

At the beginning of this process I told a friend, "If she's not potty trained earlier than most babies, this might not be worth it." Well... she wasn't. She was using the potty well before most babies her age, but she wasn't completely potty trained before the average time.

So...am I disappointed? Surprisingly no.

While it would have been nice to have a one year old who could hold her pee for two hours, elimination communication is most definitely one of those it's-the-journey-not-the-destination things. You do reap rewards in the process, though. I washed less diapers every day, little by little. From seven months old on, she rarely sat in her own poop. I'm pretty proud of that. And it was awesome to not have to wash poop out of her diapers for two years. Major motivation there. And it was just so satisfying to meet that basic need for Nola. The same way you feel all happy after your baby is nice and full from a bottle, I would feel all happy when I was able to get her to a toilet to do her business.

So...do I think this would work for everyone? Maybe.

I definitely think every mom and every baby is capable of this process. I'm not a baby potty whisperer. I just consistently offer my babies the potty, and it's like they know. And despite what my mother-in-law would say, I don't think it's because my girls are geniuses. However, having worked in daycare before, I don't know that it would be possible for your baby's caregiver to do this all day. But I do think you could try pottying only at home. With consistency, I think a baby could catch on to a routine of using a toilet at home and a diaper at daycare. Yes, I'm serious.

So, after all is said and done...I loved elimination communication so much that I'm doing it again with Sweet Baby Violet! Stay tuned for news on how that's going. I'll give you a hint: I've only washed one poopy diaper in the past six weeks. And, no, she's not crazily constipated.


  1. You are amazing. I know I tell you that all the time, but I just think this is wonderful. When you guys came for a visit, you seemed totally relaxed about the process. It was just natural to take your little baby to the toilet now and then. The girls may not ever thank you for this when they grow up, but they should.

  2. Yup, pretty much awesome. You have almost convinced me to try EC when we are blessed with another. As it is, I am starting to gear towards potty training with Connor and think he would have done well with EC.

  3. Oh yay, Kathie! I was just telling my in-laws, "I've had a few friends convert to cloth, but no ec converts yet!"

  4. I'm kinda glad I had my babies first so I didn't have to live up to this. I kind of adore diapers. I adore the person who invented disposable ones, and I dislike potty-training greatly. I do like the idea of introducing their little systems to the cold, hard toilet right away instead of shocking them with it at 2 1/2. And if I'd had the courage (or the principles) for cloth, I definitely think I'd have tried it. "You have principles, and I really admire that. I don't have any!" (Name that f.r.i.e.n.d.)

  5. I promoted elimination communication to my local daycare and they tried it a bit.