Monday, May 16, 2011

Mundane Mondays

We are driving home from visiting Ryan's grandma in Kansas. Papa is driving. Aunt E and Grandma are with us, too. Both baby girls are sleeping beside me in the back seat of the minivan. We stopped at Subway for lunch. I nursed Violet while chowing down a chicken salad sandwich.

Before Nola fell asleep she said, "I still need to drop a duece, Mommy." Thank you, Ryan, for teaching her that incredibly lady like phrase. I told her she had to wait. While we are on the topic, Violet broke her streak of only using the toilet for her solid waste and we ended up changing a poopy diaper this morning. Travel messes with the best of us. (Aren't my girls going to love me for writing this?)

Nola was excited to see a few buffaloes near Grandma Norma's house. She pronounced it "BUCKaloes". I bought her a toddler cot to use on this trip and she loved it. We put a foam topper on it for a little extra comfort. She took a nap and slept both nights in it without a fuss.

As is her usual style, Violet gave lots of great smiles. When she made the rounds for goodnight kisses last night, she gave everyone this low little growl accompanied by her happy, smiling face. It's like she's talking to us. So cute. She also enjoyed her beginning baby foods. Squash, sweet potatoes, applesauce, pears. She eats about a tablespoon in the morning and a tablespoon at night. She wasn't a fan of rice cereal so I just skipped it. Yeah, I break the mom rules like that. Such a rebel.

Home will be a welcome sight. Nobody rob us before we get there. Our dog Saint will eat you alive.


  1. Hahaha!(that's the warning about Saint that I'm laughing at) I love your Monday notes so much. I always did the rice cereal just enough to feel I'd done it, then switched to oatmeal which was a much bigger hit.

    And I love car trips with the fam.

  2. I laughed right out loud, too, Seren. Saint probably would kill someone with that wagging tail of his if they encountered him after a lonely weekend.

    Your daughters will hate the way you told all their business, but I love every detail.

  3. I'm glad you do Mundane Mondays. Sometimes it feels easier/faster to blog about these things than to journal them (why is that?). I have a bunch of posts like this about Natalie on my old xanga site, and I keep thinking that I need to go print them off and stick them in a baby book or something.