Monday, February 13, 2012

Random Details

My little Lovies are finally asleep. Mondays are usually pretty grouchy. I'm always thankful for nap time. While they sleep I thought I'd take a minute and journal some random details about their lives.

Nola has become quite musical lately. I used to think she didn't enjoy it much. When Ryan and I would sit down at the piano to sing or write she would protest and complain. But suddenly she has begun singing and dancing while we play. She makes up her own little songs, usually about scary monsters, and sings phrases from songs she's heard at church or on the radio. She likes a song on the radio called "Hold Me" by Jamie Grace. It's so cute to hear her say from the back seat, "Turn it up, mom. I like this song." It seems so old to me, for Nola to like a song. She has entered the "Why" phase. That's buckets of fun. Ryan has discovered if you give her an incredibly long, over her head, detailed answer to the initial "Why?" she won't keep going with ten more.

Violet has grown up so much lately. Doesn't it seem like kids hit these bursts where they grow leaps and bounds overnight?  She is just not a baby anymore. She is walking quite well, and even has this cute little gallop move when she really gets going. She has been telling us when she potties in her diaper. She just smacks her diaper in front and says, "Uh?!" We should have worked harder at teaching her a more appropriate sign. Oh well. She's not saying much. She says "Dad" and "dog". The little stinker doesn't even say "mommy".  She fell face first off the potty today. That was traumatic. Her hair is getting so full and long. She has discovered what I call the "stink face" and Ryan calls "giving crusties". When she doesn't get her way she furrows her eybrows and squints her little eyes into slits and stares you down. It's quite menacing. She has recently discovered an intense love for bananas and mandarin oranges.

I'm still loving being their mom. They are two very special girls and I'm blessed to have them.

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