Monday, March 5, 2012

Violet's 15 Months EC Update

Big news here on the elimination communication front. Violet has begun communicating! Yay! It started with her communicating that she had already peed her pants. She freezes, looks at us, pats the front of her diaper and says, "Uh?!" We take her to the potty and discover a freshly warm, wet diaper. How's that mental picture working out for 'ya?

The even better news is that she does occasionally tell us before she pees! And she often tells us before she poops! She always poops in the potty, but she doesn't always tell us she needs to go she just always holds it until we offer the potty. She hasn't pooped her diaper in ages. I can't remember the last time she did. Now that I've said that, she will poop her pants soon, of course.  Update: I was lazy one Saturday morning and didn't get her up when I heard her. I reached her too late and she had pooped in her diaper. When a girls gotta go, a girls gotta go.

I am very excited about this new development. Although the point of elimination communication is not to have your child traditionally potty trained earlier than normal, it is very rewarding when it seems like that will happen!

I am so proud of Violet. I just really wish I had taught her a more socially acceptable sign for potty.


  1. Our daughter has been using the potty for pooping six months old... Though about once a month she does it in her diaper... I totally agree it is awesome not changing stinky diapers... Keep up the good work...

    Josh Hartman

  2. Mayim Bialik has been in the news lately for this kind of parenting. Besides EC, she practiced co-sleeping, nursing until the kiddo chooses to be done, and "un"schooling too. I'm sure you wouldn't agree with all her decisions, but that's the cool thing really. Like you, she would never expect others to do it just like she does, and she doesn't judge when someone takes it farther than she might too. It really is about parenting the way you intend to parent - the way that works for you and your life and your kiddos. That said, I love the way you gently present how it's all working for you so that others can learn new ideas. If you'd had kids first, I probably would have followed suit a bit. :) (She's Blossom, by the way. Or the little girl from Beaches. Or the nerdy girl on The Big Bang Theory).

    1. I hope I'm "cool" about my parenting ideas. I was just thinking today about how mothering is as unique as each person is, and yet we all feel so passionately about how we do it that it sometimes translates to thinking we should all do it the same. I hope I inspire moms to think about why we do things we've always done, and to have great expectations of our kids. How that looks for each mom will be totally different.