Wednesday, May 23, 2012

School for Nola

So Nola is 3 1/2 and doesn't usually take a nap anymore. She tries. She really does lay nicely. Only talks to herself quietly and maybe acts out a few scenes from Diego with whatever animal she's sleeping with. So I decided it might be time to let her stay up a little longer in the afternoons. After I lay Violet down for her afternoon nap, I spend time with Nola doing "school". We haven't been doing it long. So far it has consisted of writing letters from a pre-school activity book we bought. It's a bilingual activity book which is cool. All the directions are in English and Spanish, and each letter has a word that starts with that letter in each language. The letter "E" is for elephant/elefante. The letter "F" is for flower/flor. The letter "L" for lemon/limon. It's cute.

I had heard you shouldn't push kids to write too soon. Because of this, I'd kept the workbook in the closet for a long time because it's mostly just writing worksheets. But we keep it very low key and I try not to correct her too much. I just let her effort be the goal. Sometimes she wants to keep going to a new letter, but I say no. Short and sweet is my goal. I want it to remain a happy, fun, stress free time. 

I got an awesome book from the library called WOW! I'm Reading! It has very simple activities that feel like games, but have a purpose in preparing your child for reading. I love it. We've done a couple of the activities so far, and Nola has enjoyed them.

We usually read together after the worksheet. Reading a book with your kid is never a waste of time in my opinion. And I love it. I wasn't a huge reader growing up, but Nola seems to really love it. I hope I can encourage her to keep loving it.

I have loved getting a few minutes of Nola to myself each day. Spending time just the two of us reminds me just how awesome she is. There's a whole lot of awesome springing out of those curls, I tell 'ya.

P.S. Ryan and his dad made that super cute picnic table. Isn't it great? That's where we have school.


  1. The bilingual activity book does sound cool. Does Nola speak Spanish?

    1. Not really. Little words here and there. I try my best!

    2. Have you heard of SALSA Spanish? You can watch the videos online for free. The video is exclusively in Spanish yet presented in a way that kids can understand what is going on. I am using them to teach my boys Spanish, and they love them. There are also free lesson plans you can use with them. The website is