Friday, July 30, 2010

The Mother Load!

I did it. I bought the newborn cloth diapers. Rumparooz Lil' Joeys. I ordered one pack directly from Rumparooz, and then I stocked up on the rest at Mom's Milk Boutique. The ladies at Mom's Milk Boutique were wonderful. They accidentally sent me an extra pack! I let them know of the mistake, and they still let me keep them. Lovely. So now I have 14 total, which is more than enough. It's the mother load, honestly.

They are the teeniest, tiniest most adorable little things I have ever seen. They made me so excited about this baby, and that made me happy. I just love knowing that I will have cloth diapers that are easy to use, and will fit, right from the get-go with this baby. I almost feel like I'm rewarding myself for actually following through and using cloth with Nola.

I also bought some newborn sized prefolds from Green Mountain Diapers, along with two wipe-clean covers to have for laundry day. I got a Bummis Super Brite in newborn size, and a Thirsties Duo Wrap in size one. Green Mountain Diapers has a very cool feature on their site. On every product they have a "see this on a baby" link, that takes you to a bunch of pictures of that product on different sized babies. They also have lots of (as in, almost overwhelming) information on cloth, if you are just getting started.
I can't wait to use these on my new little lovey!


  1. Adorable! I can't wait to meet your new little lovey too. And free stuff ALWAYS rocks.

  2. Ok, Charity you have inspired me. :) When my time gets closer we will have to chat more about this!

  3. Charity, check it out! Not only are you saving the planet by using cloth diapers, you are inspiring other people to do the same! That's like ... REALLY saving it. Or something. :)