Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Nola's New Room

My sister, Serenity, told me once that she sometimes worries if her boys are happy. And if they like their life. Do they like our house? Do they wish we had nicer things? Do they like sharing a room? I must not have had Nola at the time she told me this. I had no idea where she was coming from and thought she was crazy. Of course her kids are crazy happy!

But now it's hit me.

I'm putting Nola's new room together. And I'm, kind of, nervous. I hope she likes it. She's not even two. Really, the only thing I KNOW she likes is puppies. On top of that, now we have a new kid coming. How will I know the baby's preference in room decor?! And what if the new baby likes Nola's room better?

Now I understand a little bit more why some moms make the mistake of trying to be their kid's best friend instead of their parent. Because, ultimately, our kids are people. Little, tiny people. People we have gotten to know slowly, without much conversational feedback in the early stages of the relationship, but people all the same. And we care what people think of us. Especially the people we love the most.

The picture up top is a little preview of Nola's room. Hopefully my little person likes it.


  1. Trust me. She loves it. She's your little hippie daughter, after all. :)
    Remember what Ernest Gentile told us, "If you do it right, your kids grow up to be your best friends." Yup.

  2. Yeah, she'll love it. I think, in these early years, they like what you like, or what you've put in their world.
    But ... I can tell you that I still think the same sort of things sometimes.
    It does get a little easier when they can express themselves well.