Friday, October 8, 2010

Sort of Mommyish & not really sappy....

Does this post belong on this blog? Hmmmm. It fits this blog about as much as that picture fits this post. Which is...not really related at all. (That's Nola and her cousin Ada.) But it is my blog and as my lovely husband often says to me when I am protesting his inconsequential life decisions... "I do what I want."

So this pregnancy has me obsessed with interior design. I want to redo my whole house! And make it beautiful, and organized, and functional, and interesting, and creative. My obsession is not always followed by action. Usually it manifests itself in time spent looking at other people's designs. At almost 33 weeks pregnant, I rarely have energy for follow through. I try to not let it depress me.

So here are the three websites I check EVERY SINGLE DAY. In order from most favorite to least favorite. Mostly, I just love looking at the pictures and thinking about what I could do someday.

A married couple blogs about designing their first home with lots of do-it-yourself project ideas, and things to do on a tight budget. (Oh! And they cloth diaper their baby girl.)

A mother load of real people's nurseries and kid's rooms. As well as real kid's parties, and other cool, design related kid stuff.

A designing mother of six. Sometimes her design ideas and cool, mom finds can be a bit pricier, but are fun to look at.

So, there you go. Happy surfing!


  1. Well, I don't see how this post is unrelated to your blog. It seems perfectly in keeping to me. I'm obsessed with this topic right now too - the home decor thing. I want less stuff but for all of it to be exactly what I want and beautiful. You know?