Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mundane Mmm...Wednesday

On Tuesday I could tell that sickness was creeping up on us. I went ahead and cancelled my Spanish class for Wednesday. Good call. Nolie was coughing all morning. She even said at one point, "Mommy, I sick." She layed on the couch all morning watching PBS kids shows. Wearing her hippo on a bicycle jams, cuddling boolah, and sucking her thumb.

I didn't get much done around the house either. I was sort of feeling the ache of sickness myself. Just yucky enough that if I had a job to go to, I'd be there. But since my job is mostly self imposed here, nothing much got done.

After lunch, we were going to try and get out to see Ryan at his office and breathe some fresh air. But Nola fell apart. She wanted to go, but she was crying and crying and she decided taking a nap was a better choice. Seriously. She got in her bed herself. Poor little honey. She fell right to sleep after I sang all four verses of "In Christ Alone" while stroking her knotted, curly hair.

Violet took a nap at the same time. Speaking of which, she's such a little doll at nap time and bed time. I just tuck her into her fleece sleep bag. You know the kind that zip up and leave their arms free? She pops her two fingers in her mouth and calms right down. Even while we do all the little things to tuck Nola in, Violet lays there contentedly in her bed. I love it when we come downstairs and they've both calmed right down, and all we hear in the monitor is the suck suck suck from Violet every few seconds.

The girls only slept an hour, but I decided not to fight it. So we jumped in the car and went to see Ry at the office. Nola really perked up when we go there. She was so happy to see Gamma (that's how she's saying it right now) and Papa. She likes seeing Daddy, but mostly she just wants to sit on Gamma's lap and watch Youtube videos of kittens and puppies.

We didn't stay long, but came home so Violet could have one more nap. Nola watched yet even more tv while cuddling on the couch. Ry came home. Violet woke up. Ry took Saint for a run while I played with Nola and Violet outside. At first I wasn't going to go outside, I mean, she was sick and all. But after she asked and I said no, she let out a heartbroken "Pleeeeeeease!" accompanied with huge, fat, disappointed tears. And I thought, what? is fresh air going to make her sicker? So out we went. We played with sidewalk chalk and checked out the baby bird in our clematis bush out front.

Ryan took Nola and picked up some Little Caesar's pizza for supper. That was so nice.

The girls went to bed early. When Nola was going through her night time rituals she was having trouble producing on the potty. Ryan said to her, "Are you sure? Do you need to go potty?" She answered, "Ummm...No thanks." When she got to me, I said, "Nola, you need to try. One more time." She said, I kid you not, she said, "Actuallyyyyyyyyy...I don't need to." Actually? That's a new word for her.

After another round of all four verses of "In Christ Alone", this time accompanied by Ryan on his rock star guitar, we said goodnight.

Now I'm surfing the internet and updating my blog, while Ryan watches Predators.

Wow. That's a lot of boring personal details in one blog post. (And yet you stuck with it. I tried to reward your heavy reading with lots of pictures.) Share the wealth. What's the most mundane thing you did this Wednesday?


  1. Ooh, that's an interesting question - the most mundane thing. Probably the fast food in the truck at the ball park before one of our three baseball games. My favorite repetitive thing right now is putting Jake on the bus. I love those moments outside on the porch with him.

    Sidewalk chalk always sounds poetic when you say it now.

  2. The most mundane thing I did was read to Natalie on the couch for an hour while the other girls slept. It's one of my favorite things to do. She's old enough to be entertained by chapter books that are too much for the other two, so we do it while they sleep. We're reading through the Boxcar Children series right now.
    I love it when they start to say "actually"! I remember it with both the big girls -- it wasn't too long ago with Els. Her newest phrase is to say, "Are you serious?" in a high pitched voice.

  3. Fast food in the car. Definitely mundane. Moments on the porch? Precious.

    "Are you serious?" That's great!And I can't wait till Nola will listen to a chapter book.

  4. Hmm... most mundane moment? We don't have too many of those at our house :) I'd probably have to say when the boys wiped greasy cheeseburger fingers and tator tots through their hair right before church. They're masters when it comes to making art with their food; it happens so often these days it's become pretty mundane.

    My favorite part of our Wednesday was when we read them the Bible at bedtime and they both stood on the couch behind me, raised their chubby little hands, and started singing "hay-seuss, hay-seuss" (spanish pronunciation for Jesus) So adorable!