Saturday, June 25, 2011

Things to Read

I've found some cool mom blogs lately that I like. Thought I'd share the wealth. Because what every mom needs is something to cause her more pain in the management of her time. :)

I think Simple Mom looks interesting. This has some great stuff about organizing your home and educating you kids. It has sister blogs for cooking, general girl stuff, and fun things to do with your kids. It is written by multiple contributors, who each have their own blogs as well. You might find someone you really click with and love their ideas.

One of Simple Mom's contributors is Steady Mom. She's on sabbatical right now, but her archives seem great. I have yet to dive in to them. Another contributor I've really latched onto is Lora Lynn who writes at Vita Familiae. She's down to earth and funny. She writes about life with her six kids under the age of seven, the youngest of which just came home to them from Uganda.

A nice blog about living a simpler, more organized life (without buying more containers) is Small Notebook. She's living in Italy right now. How romantic.

A great resource I just found from a friend "liking" it on Facebook is School Sparks. It has amazing resources for getting your child ready for kindergarten, and it's all FREE! There's a crap ton of worksheets. It's free, but it still looks cool. Rare. Sometimes it's a little too obvious that the people giving away resources have no money to pay a graphic designer.

"Liking" School Sparks led me to a sweet little blog called A Mom with a Lesson Plan. It looks like it has a lot of very doable ideas for the average mom like me. And it has me highly motivated to get my girls to the library.

So there you go. A whole evening of reading at your fingertips. :) Just what you needed, right?


  1. Steady Mom is my best friend, Jamie Martin. She is a lovely soul.

  2. How sweet, Caroline. Now I definitely have to dive into those archves!

  3. Small world! I came over from Felicity's. I somehow found her a year ago when she was talking about Anne. Instant connection!

  4. Crazy! It is a small world and the internet makes it even smaller. Being the dork that I am, I just emailed my mom and sisters to say "I'm so cool! A soon-to-be-published author commented on my blog!" And they lovingly replied, "Old news! We already know her! She's commented on Seren's blog more than once!" :)

  5. Love this! And believe me, I'm super regular and rather dull, nothing to be too excited about.

    I've "heard" about all of you through Serenity (I see I called her Felicity above. This probably happens often to the three of you!) and think your family sounds really, really special. My own siblings are 10 and 12 years older than I am and don't live nearby. You all have a beautiful thing going. And with kids around the same