Friday, June 24, 2011

Potty Queen

Violet is still rockin' the potty. On the morning of my birthday she had some nasty surprises in her diaper when I got her up. Happy Birthday, Mom! But other than that she has been putting poop where it belongs.

I haven't even tried super hard with the peeing. She does pee when I put her on the potty, but I don't take her enough to keep her diaper dry. I'm waiting on the motivation that cute new cloth trainers will bring. Which I am planning on sewing. So after I get the motivation for the sewing then we'll be ready to go!

She is seven months old now. I still take her potty at the same times as I always have. Right after nursing or eating, and right when she wakes up. She will occasionally show signs of straining and I will get her to the potty to do her business then, too.

I feel really happy we chose elimination communication. Every family is different, and you have to do what works for you. So far this process isn't causing anyone in our family undue stress. So we're still plugging along with it. And I really like it, actually.

If you are getting ready to have a baby or are just dreaming about someday let me say: You can totally do this! It's normal and natural and not as crazy or time consuming as it sounds!

If you already have small children, are pulling your hair out today, and want to punch me in the face when you read about my baby going potty let me say: I totally understand. And, you're right, nobody ever goes to college in diapers. One way or another, kids get potty trained.

This is just something that works for us. So what about you? What's your thing? Every mom has something that they do that other moms think is crazy. Spill it.


  1. I have a whole list of things I do that others think are crazy. I would tell you in person, but not in a public blog. I am just not that brave!

    I like the idea of training them to poop in the potty, though we never did this before a year of age. It was really my husband who started putting my one-year-olds on the toilet every night and I thought it was crazy then. But when they were "poop trained" by the time I put them in underwear I was very grateful. I can count on one hand the times each son had poopy underwear. I am thankful for my husband's crazy ideas!

  2. I think my thing (or one of them anyway) is sunscreen. Reapplication, people! It's key! Jason compares me to a grandma sitting by the side of the pool who shouts every hour, "Ok, kids! Jump out and put on some more sunscreen!" I say, everyone has fun when no one is sunburned. :)

  3. I stock up on school supplies. Not quite to hoarder proportions, but still.

  4. I think this has been and is a great experience being the grandparents of Nola and Violet. We have been quite amazed as we watch your commitment and consistency become a normal part of raising wonderful children. It has also been a place to share with others this amazing way with other people, Yes, we brag a bit (probably alot) about our daughter-in-law who really doing the deal and being an advocate for other inquiring moms! You totally are an awesome mom!

  5. I'm so glad I'm not alone in my craziness!

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