Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Squeeze and Elimination Communication: 19 Month Update

My daughter, Squeeze, now has 19 months of life under her belt. She also has about 18 moths of pottying under her belt. She is doing awesome. (I always get nervous when I write these update posts on elimination communication because EVERY time I do, I end up changing poopy pants that day. I swear. EVERY time. Fingers crossed this time I don't jinx it.)

Squeeze wears Gerber training pants during the day. For a while we were wearing those nasty plastic pants to try and contain wet messes. But I decided I'd rather clean up a mess once or twice a day, than have to pull those awful pants up and down her legs ten million times a day. Squeeze averages one wet accident, or miss, a day. She doesn't always volunteer that she needs to pee, but if you ask her she does know if she needs to or not. That is really helpful. She always volunteers that she needs to poop. We haven't had a poopy diaper since...I can't even remember. Probably since the last time I posted bragging about how long it had been since she pooped her pants.

This photo was taken in May. Isn't Squeeze a doll?

Squeeze is especially reliable when we are out running errands or doing something fun like the zoo. I no longer bring ten extra pairs of clothes in the diaper bag. She doesn't need to go every half hour while we are out, either. She can go almost two hours at a time without using the bathroom when we are out. She does a much better job of telling us she needs to go when we are out, as well. AND she says "Potty" now, rather than patting her crotch and saying "Boop". So much more socially acceptable.

When we are just hanging at home, we have more misses. My husband and I lose track of time, she's having fun playing, and she's more relaxed. But, still, not too many and no poop misses.

A newer development lately has been Squeeze keeping her pants dry at nap time and even overnight. She's pretty consistent with staying dry at nap. She has had a lot of dry diapers in the morning these past couple of weeks, too. That excites me. It means we are one step closer to making the smell of a pee filled diaper a distant memory. Until the next baby comes...

Overall, elimination communication with Squeeze has been awesome. I'm so glad I tried it a second time. Squiggle, my three year old, did great with elimination communication, but the second time around with Squeeze has been even better. I've been way more relaxed about it this time around, I started sooner, and have had a more rewarding experience.

I'll let you know if Squeeze poops her pants today after all this bragging.


  1. That picture certainly makes me want to squeeze her! As I've said before, you have made me a believe. You know I thought you were crazy in the beginning of this project. Now I'm such a convert that I feel sorry for babies who have to go in their diapers all the time :)

  2. That is the best photo! I love it! I am wondering how having a boy changes things in this department? Also, one more comment Squeezie is 18 months living on the out side. About 30 all together right?

  3. Have you done anything particular to help her stay dry at night? I would love to get Toby out of pullups!

    1. I really haven't done anything special. The only thing might be getting her up as soon as I hear her, rather than snoozing until I can't ignore her anymore. Therefore she has NEVER been dry on a Saturday morning. :)