Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Little Update

It's gong surprisingly well! Just thought I'd let you all know. I think this time the process is going to stick. Today I took her out shopping and just brought her potty along. She went only once, but I offered every time we got in or out of the car. It sounds time consuming, but I feel it's worth it. She pooped twice this morning at home, and had a nice big poop before nap. This is awesome! Little by little I have less diapers to wash. I'm not sure I would've tried this if I hadn't had that motivational factor.

Oh, yeah. I bought her the smallest little undies I could find at Baby Gap today. I'm going to tailor them for her so when we're at home she doesn't have to be completely naked. I'm going to put a little soaker in them, too. Just big enough to catch one pee.

I'll keep you posted...Nola is going to love this when she turns sixteen. "Well, Sweetie, I never made you a cool scrapbook like the other moms. But I have a whole blog about your poop and pee!"


  1. Hilarious. Since it feels like I had all my kids within 6 months of each other, I am a bit jealous of your devoted time with Nola. So precious.

  2. A friend once told me that she had her daughter potty trained by 9 months. I secretly thought to myself "Yeah right!." You're making me rethink my disbelief. You are one patient mommy! I wont feel bad for not having my two year old completely potty trained yet.. she has a cool scrapbook ;) LOL

  3. I feel less cheerleadery this time, considering Jake has YET to poop in a toilet on purpose. I think introducing him sooner would have helped so much. However, I can relate to the fact that it has as much to do with our determination as anything. I waited a long time to potty train Jake simply because I knew what it would require of me. Once I decided to give that, I was all patience.

  4. Yeah, Felic, we'll see if I can pull this off with the next baby...

  5. I love reading about someone else who uses cloth diapers! My son was over a year when we made the switch to cloth, and now that I think about it, perhaps that is why he was mostly "poopy trained" around 18 months. However, for me, I would rather wash the diapers than work on the pee training. I think I was like Serenity in that, because I knew that I would have to take the time to take him potty, and it was easier to just change his diaper (and wash it). Because he wanted to (he is now 2) we let him start wearing underwear about two weeks ago, and he totally trained himself! If he is out of his routine he has had some accidents, but I am totally amazed at the child. Lucky me, I guess. I hope it all goes well for you and Nola -- she's adorable, by the way.

    Luke (who is reading my comment) says, "Well, I was the one who 'poopy trained' him." Yes, he probably was the one. I laughed at him when he put my 12-month-old son on the potty, but maybe it worked.