Monday, July 13, 2009

EC update

We are doing well with the pottying! I say "we" because it is definitely a joint effort. Nola still does not give any signals when she needs to go. At least, not that I recognize. But she seems to do really well with timing. Meaning that she goes almost every time the potty is offered. She has been doing so well today I let her wear some tiny undies while we are at home. As I write this, I had to clean up a tiny little "miss". But it's only the second miss today in a five hour stretch. That seems pretty good. She has not pooped in her diaper in over a week now. She uses the potty every time. So I think we may have that one pretty much conquered.

We have good days, and we have bad days. I never would have thought I would do this...but I'm actually really enjoying this process!


  1. I can almost enjoy this update today thanks to a couple huge steps forward with Jake now. I'm thinking stage fright may have been part of his issue, because the two times he's gone in the toilet he did it all alone. I don't know why I didn't think of that - he always hid in a corner even to go in his diaper.

  2. Yeah. I'm thinking Nola won't have the stage fright thing since her potty moments tend to be occasions for group applause. I do wonder when you will need to start telling her she can't drag her potty into the living room so she can go in front of the tv or the window :)
    Seriously, I'm really proud of both of you. (and Jake, too)