Thursday, July 30, 2009


Nola is getting her top teeth in. It doesn't look very fun. It's so fortunate that we don't remember the pain of teething. Just imagining hard, white teeth bursting through tender, red gums causes my mouth to hurt. Kind of in the same way that my mouth hurts when I hear the twang of steel guitar in country music. That's what they played at my orthodontist. Since it was the only place I listened to country music for any meaningful amount of time, I now have a very painful memory association with that sound. Sorry, Country Music. You will never be my friend.


  1. I love country music - at times. But I hate people trying to attach (or REMOVE!) metal from my teeth. I definitely understand your pain. And poor Nolie. She needs me there to sympathize. WHY am I not there?! Soon, Nolie. November for SURE.

  2. In all fairness, I probably should have been more specific. Steel guitar will NEVER be my friend. But country music without that has some very beautiful moments...:)