Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Singer and a Mom

We were clapping and laughing and practically jumping up and down with excitement. We couldn’t believe this was happening!

Ryan and I were recently on the radio. We were on KOTK 1420 am Radio Luz, here in Omaha. It was quite an experience because it was entirely in Spanish. We sang two songs and were really looking forward to hearing ourselves on the actual RADIO!!! The program was pre-recorded so we were planning to listen together the following day. I got me and Nola all dressed and ready and we ended up meeting Ry at his parent’s house to listen. It was really exciting to hear our broken Spanish as the program began, and then hear our song start to play. Just as the song started, though, I noticed Nola starting to go to the bathroom. This was when I had just started taking her to the potty and I didn’t want to miss a possible success! So I rushed her to the potty just a hallway away from the radio and sat her on it. I could tell she was going to go so I called Ry and he came running in, too. We could still faintly hear our song playing on the radio, but we didn’t even care. Nola was going potty! We were so excited. She had never used the big potty before. So the whole time our song played, We were clapping and laughing and practically jumping up and down…for Nola pooping in the potty.

I hope that’s a recurring story in our lives. I hope whatever success we achieve with our music…I hope it just becomes the background music to the real story of us cheering on our kids.


  1. Amen. (can you say Amen and potty in the same post? It just seems a little wrong)

  2. This post brought tears to my eyes... ok, so that does happen often these days with the whole pregnancy hormones ever present among me... but these were not ushered on by those hormones :) I love the idea that our dreams will serve as the background music to the center stage spot we give to our children. For some reason while reading your post I realized how secretly freaked out I've been (at least I think I've been keeping it between just myself and I:)about mothering these boys. When I think about cheering them on in all their big and little successes, I realize that that's really been my main dream all along... and I can do this!!

  3. Like the rest of your commentators I am nearly speechless with admiration of the insight the Lord has given you. You are too young to think so maturely. Success in fulfilled dreams as back-ground music? What insight! Wow.