Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Few Things I'm Thinking About...

Baby number two is ten weeks away from arriving! Hopefully. I was five days early with Nola, but I hate to bank on that again. If I'm early with this baby, then maybe I'll bank on it with baby number three. Yes, Ryan, there will be a baby number three. Lord willing.

Here's a few things I'm thinking about as the time is drawing near...

Holy Lord, I need to clean out the baby's room! How did this happen again? As soon as we moved Nola out of that room, we immediately made it the dumping grounds. I am DETERMINED to go to the hospital with the baby's room done this time.

Proffessional house cleaning while I'm in the hospital. How awesome would it be to come home from the hospital to a professionally deep cleaned house? I left the house a wreck during Nola's delivery. My mom did an amazing job making it beautiful for me when we came home. If it's not crazy expensive, I just might do it.

Newborn elimination communication.
I'm going to buy this little potty for baby number two. Yes, I know you all thought I was crazy when I said I was going to start taking Nola potty at seven months old. Now you can just check me in to the crazy house, I guess. Don't worry, I do not expect to throw out the beautiful new cloth diapers I bought. But I've heard that earlier is better when it comes to infant pottying. Since Nola is potty trained, I don't think it will be too stressful. And my approach will be much more relaxed this time around. I said I was relaxed last time, but that really wasn't true.

A baby sling. My cousin Jennie recommended the Maya Wrap ring sling. She loved it with her second baby and I really think it will be perfect for me. I had a sized sling with Nola, and it was just a hair to big and never quite comfortable. I didn't use it much. Ring Slings adjust perfectly to your size, and therefore to however bulky or not bulky clothes you're wearing. I think it will be so handy for outings with a toddler and a newborn in tow. And I think it looks like you're wearing a fashionable scarf. It would be really easy to sew, which I might tackle after the baby. But I think it would be nice to have a good quality one first.

Was there anything you knew you HAD to have with your second baby? Share the wealth.


  1. The only thing I think I HAD to have with Elsie was separate rooms for the girls to sleep in at night (therefore, Els slept in a bassinet in our room until she could sleep through the night). I was NOT going to deal with TWO children waking up multiple times in the middle of the night!
    But ... I too have seen these wraps, and I think I'm totally getting one this time. There were so many times with Elsie that I needed to hold her (she was burpy, or had hiccoughs, or whatever) and do other things that required my hands -- like make lunch for Natalie.
    Oh, and I loved this line: I said I was relaxed last time, but that wasn't really true. :) I realized that was true for me about so many things after I had Elsie. I say, the seat's only $7.95 -- go for it!

  2. A double stroller and a larger diaper bag for packing for two :)

  3. The cheap stuff. With Motor Mouth, everything was new and we felt we had to buy the best. When Mini Me came around, we realized the cheap stuff works just as well!! Mini Me was so small, we couldn't find clothes to fit her. A friend loaned me her daughter's preemie clothes.

    This played out big time when Mini Me had stomach problems. The doctor was prescribing $200/month formula. At some point, I had enough. I went to Wal-Mart, bought the store brand and she never had another stomach problem since! Looking back, I don't know why I did that. It was uncharacteristic. I think I had just had it by that point.