Tuesday, September 7, 2010


You should hear Nola say "Lessons!" out loud. So cute! She puts a little more thhhh than ssss in her s sounds.

We started our lessons this morning. We had a Spanish lesson and a math lesson. (Dear Lord, please let her get something out of the math lessons I give her! When I was little, I got a stomach ache every day in kindergarten right around math time.)

For Spanish time, I made a cube with red and blue sides to it. We took turns throwing it into the air. When it landed, we would say what color was on top...Rojo or Azul. I had high hopes that she would love this game. She did say the colors many times in both languages, which is great. She even tries her best to roll her r's.

For math time, I drew a chart with zero, one, and two at the top. We said the numbers as I pointed to them. Then we put the right amount of quarters under each number. Zero gets, "Nothin'!" She had fun saying that word. One got...well, one quarter. And Two got..two. This is a shortened version of a Montessori lesson. Montessori teachers would faint dead away if they saw I was trying this with my not-yet two year old. (That is why I will not be tagging "montessori" in this post.) But since we're not trying to be true Montessorians, I think borrowing some of the ideas is safe for now.

Overall, lessons went well. They went much quicker than I would have imagined. If I really want to capture her attention, I'll need to add some Dora stuff...she'd be in heaven.


  1. This is so cute! And I love your new title and look. Look at you, a little mommy blogger. : )

  2. Oh! I want to video in for lessons someday!!! Besos to you.

  3. So what's the Montessori philosophy again? (I know you've told me before) And why would they faint?

    And did you say you MADE a box? I'm impressed with your mommy skills. :)

  4. The Montessori philosophy is a learning philosophy. You can go all the way through Highschool the Montessori way. It's all about student led, hands on learning. There's a whole process to it, and I'm basically skipping a lot of steps to introduce this math "lesson" to her. That's why the diehards would faint.