Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day One

I did it! When my phone oh-so-pleasantly announced it was 6:30 this morning, I rolled out of bed straight to the shower. "Don't even think about anything else. Snooze is not an option. Just keep moving." And I'm so glad I did.

Things I've loved about getting up at 6:30 today:

  • Chatting with Ry before he left for work.
  • Being alone in a quiet house before the girls woke up. (They slept until 8 and 8:30 today. Score!)
  • Having time to run to Target between lunch and nap because we were all dressed and ready.
  • Passing by the hallway mirror a million times and seeing someone who was ready and dressed with make up on. As compared to seeing someone with wacky hair, mismatched pajamas, and smeared mascara. I seriously think it elevated my mood.
  • Getting a bunch of little things done before lunch time. Like emptying trash cans, cleaning the kitchen, and general pick up. Feels good.

Things I haven't loved about getting up at 6:30 today:
  • Getting up at 6:30 today.

One day down, three to go!


  1. Bummer. If only you could get all those good things without the 6:30.

  2. Hurray!! Sometimes when I've tried to get up before my kids (even if it's just to get ready for church) they've woken up like, while I was in the shower. :( Then they're asking for cereal while I'm shampooing my hair and thinking ... "I thought I was going to have alone time this morning."
    And I totally agree that seeing a reflection of your "best self" is a mood booster! Helps me every time (and pleasantly surprises me sometimes)!

  3. Hurray, hurray, hurray for you. Yesterday I saw an add for an alarm clock that literally rolls off your nightstand and across the room when it rings so you can't hit snooze :)

    For me, the early hour eventually became less despicable compared to the rewards.

  4. Ooops, the "Jesse" comment was from your mother. That's what happens when a grandson spends the night and hijacks the computer.

  5. I would be tempted for actual "quiet" time with Jesus and a shower but our schedule isn't as predictable as yours :) maybe that's just an excuse ...

  6. I LOVE this!! I am NOT a morning person, however, my husband is and makes me get up to make his lunch before work, I force myself to stay up after he leaves and get so much done in my day, it makes me feel wonderful and accomplished!! Keep up the good work!!! ;)

  7. Such encouragement! I knew you guys were the best accountability I could find.