Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mundane Memories

Violet had her four month check up today. All is well in her little world. She was in the 50th percentile for weight and 75th percentile for height. She smiled and smiled at the doctor. Until he gagged her with the tongue depressor. After that was over she gave him the most pouty little face she could muster. (Note to self: Gotta' get that pouty face on camera.)

Nola woke up not feeling well. Just a cold, probably. She sounds all plugged up. Coughing every once in a while.

Both girls are sleeping soundly right this minute. That's a lovely feeling. Violet sucks on her index and middle finger on her left hand. Nola sucks her thumb still, and today she is sleeping with her big stuffed Tiger from Papa Tom and her little white bunny from Grandma Kaffy.

I've got a load of peed sheets and clothes washing. Diapers are next. Beans are cooking in the crock pot. Ryan is home working today as he always does on Thursdays.

Now Violet's up. She's probably ready to eat.


  1. Not mundane...this is life and it should be remembered. Someday you'll be cooking beans in a crock pot for your grandkids. And after you tell them what a crock pot is for and that you've had yours for 25 years, you'll tell them I remember blogging about cooking beans in a crock pot when your Mom was just a baby. And then you'll have to tell them what a blog is. :-)

  2. Carol, what great perspective! I wanted to give her the same sentiment, but I didn't have those words! Well-done.

    And hurray for baby Violet who is growing into a person so beautifully.

  3. Okay, so I zeroed in on the need to wash diapers. Do you use cloth dipes? That thrills me...we used cloth with Sadie & Elsa. I still get all excited when I see a little fluffy bum at, say, the library or HyVee. Diapers are long gone at our house, too! I did love pulling clean, soft nappies out of the dryer though :). Simple things!


  4. Polly, I do use cloth! And love it. I'm still using the diapers I bought for Nola so I LOVE the money I'm saving. And I love that I can change Violet as often as I want without feeling like I'm throwing money away. I just wash 'em and use 'em again!