Monday, March 28, 2011

A Shower and Shoes

Working moms are going to hate me for this. And I understand how this personal challenge would annoy you. Stay at home moms will totally understand me on this one. At least I hope. If I'm alone on this one I'll feel like a huge dork.

So here I sit. Mid morning on Monday. Still in pajamas. Both girls still in pajamas. Nola is on her second hour of tv. No joke. Can you believe I just admitted that?! I feel guilty that Nola is watching this much tv. Even if it is "educational". I feel guilty that I'm still in pajamas. If someone showed up at my door right now I'd be mortified. And I need to go grocery shopping. I should be leaving right now, but I can't because none of us are ready. It will take a long time to get us all out the door, by then it will be lunchtime. So we'll all be hungry and cranky at the store. My day is running all over me. And this is a common occurrence.

So here's my personal challenge. For the rest of this week (Four days. Weak sauce, I know. Smaller goal= greater chance of success.)I'm going to get up at 6:30, take a shower, get dressed, and put on SHOES. This should get me up before both girls. Nolie's been up at seven lately, but some days this might have me up for an hour or two without them. Score! But that will just be a plus. I'm not going to plan those hours. I've never been an over achiever.

So, friends, it has been written into cyber space. You all know my goal. You're my accountability. My reputation is at stake.

Here's to more productive days! Quality mornings with my girls, and kissing Ryan goodbye each morning while coherent.


  1. You are a GREAT mom Char! And I love your honesty! You'll make your goals, I know you will! The "shoes" idea is great! You know how I love the FlyLady? Well, she's big on getting up and getting dressed to shoes, in an effort to get your day going! Those little routines and goals will work for you!! Great honest post!

  2. I adore this one too. I haven't given Michael a coherent goodbye in quite a while either. I do feel productive lately, but it's not because of early mornings. Less tv in the evening maybe. (I find it very easy to write, read, or load the dishwasher while the NCAA tournament is on). Ryan's fb response to this cracked me up. And the two hours of television? My kids were raised on this. (Or Disney movies). Working from home is hardly synonymous with at-home crafts and preschool time.

  3. Well, when my boys were really little we lived like that almost every day and I don't regret it. It was what worked and I learned to go grocery shopping in the evenings. Now that I have a school-age child (we are homeschooling), I have more that I actually have to get done during the day so getting up and being ready before them is important for me.

  4. Completely normal. You do what you have to in order to survive. And some days, survival means every one is fed and no one got seriously hurt.

  5. Thanks for the encouragement, Cheri.

    Seren, I don't mind the tv, actually. As long as it doesn't just HAPPEN. Nola really has learned a lot from the shows she watches. She seems to have a pretty good imagination too, so I'm not crazy bothered by it.

    Angela, I'm glad to know you don't regret it!

  6. Charity, loved this post! It is so true! Julia never watched tv until Holly was born! Then we discovered several pbs shows...LOL! I did try to get up before the kids...but sometimes that worked and sometimes it didn't!! Going with the flow just seemed to be the best idea!! Hope your goals get met but if they don't try, try again!

  7. You know I love the shoes. Remember how I used to make you guys shower and get dressed on Saturdays so you wouldn't be all grouchy? :)

    I think this is an admirable goal, and one you can accomplish with the help of the Holy Ghost!

  8. Shoes make you feel ready, I totally agree with that. You're very normal Charity.